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We wish you a peaceful and harmonius Christmas ans a happy and health new year. We would also like to give thanks to all our business partners for jet another productive and successful cooperation. Usb GmbH remains to be your reliable partner and service offerer also in 2018.


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Setting the course towards cooperation


The usb Management Consulting and System Development GmbH published an article in the leading industry online magazine ,,IT&Production’’ in October 2017. The article talks about Configuration Management (CM) in the era of digitalization. This particular article introduces the management discipline Configuration Management to the reader and explains its importance in the automotive as well as aviation industry.  In addition, the article elucidates the relationship between Configuration Management and Product Lifecycle Management. For a direct view of the article, please click here.

Aras Community Event 2017 in Munich

ACE 2017 will this year take place in Munich between November 21 and November 22. usb GmbH as ARAS long term partner apart from Schaeffler and Audi, will be represented with a presentation. We are pleased to welcome you at the next ACE.

M³® News and Roadmap

M³® is the perfect tool for lightweight construction to monitor weights, center of gravity and moments of inertia of your product. You will receive a comprehensive overview of the current and historical mass data of your products.

Information about our M³® software can be found online at






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