About us - skills of usb

There is often a large gap between the optimal business processes - as desired by the company - and every day work life. Daily occurrences are defined by unexpected emergencies which have to be dealt with immediately. In the past few years many companies have analyzed and optimized a large part of their critical business processes, especially in the areas of production, distribution and logistics. Most companies, however, have not yet reached their objective. There is still a lot to be done, especially with the efficient integration of development sections, as well as their partners and customers, into the company as part of the entire product development process. A lot of these processes fall within the category of product lifecycle management (PLM). The aim of usb is to improve the performance and quality of customer products via the comprehensive introduction, optimization and operation of PLM systems.

usb offers a wide spectrum of software and services. In usb customers have a competent partner for complete and customized PLM solutions:

  • Support, conception, implementation and supervision of PLM systems
  • Trainings in the area of PLM
  • usb's area of expertise is configuration management (CM), requirement management (RM), mass management, CAx & ERP integration, as well as technical budget management (TBM) as an important component of PLM
    • In the areas of CM and RM usb offers extensive process support & procedure definitions
    • Implementation of CM tasks into every day work life
    • Realization and implementation of CM methods & processes into PLM systems
  • The usb combines the know-how of our specialists with long-term experience in working according to different standards

usb's know-how can also be used for individual software development and support. The emphasis lies on the topics:

  • Oracle
  • J2EE
  • SOA

usb, ensures that every product is controlled and implemented with the highest efficiency and commitment, while never losing sight of the customer's individual requirements.